Step 1: Explore the Partnership Opportunity & Fit

We operate as an equity share business model and forge strategic partnerships with aspiring and existing clinic owners looking to grow a successful business. Great partnerships exist when both parties benefit, which is why we work to understand your aspirations and make sure they align with our mission and business model.

Step 2: Develop Business Strategy & Establish the Clinic

Once we’ve agreed that a partnership is in both of our best interests, we help you thoroughly understand our business model and what it will take to establish your clinic. We work to develop your business strategy and implementation plan collaboratively, and then equip you to manage your own business.

Step 3: Prepare for Growth & Begin Advanced Training

After your clinic is launched, we offer our professional team’s expertise to refine and improve all aspects of your business. We offer advanced business training and coaching, leadership development, and an array of business services designed to grow various areas of your business.

Our Future Partners

We partner with a variety of people who are interested in either growing or owning their own practice. Regardless of your situation, our business model is meant for both startups and acquisitions.

Aspiring Owners

Maybe you’re a physical therapist or therapist assistant who has always dreamed of owning your own business, or maybe you work for someone else and know you could do it better. We offer our aspiring owners a low financial entry point, help you increase business knowledge and confidence, and make sure you avoid common mistakes that prevent most clinics from being successful.

Current Owners

As a current owner you may not be seeing the financial growth you hoped, or maybe you are a skilled therapist but lack some of the critical skills required for running a business. When you partner with us we help reduce your stress, save you time and money, equip you with business knowledge, and help you grow your business faster.


Our partnership model works best with people who have a bit of experience, but we are always excited to talk with students about future opportunities and guide them in the direction that will set them up for success.