The Inspiration

Our Story

We founded Health & Rehab Solutions with a bold idea to be a catalyst for entrepreneurial success in healthcare. And what started as a journey to simply help physical therapists be better at a few aspects of business quickly became a comprehensive business model that offers entrepreneurial opportunities, grows clinics faster, and improves the lives of practitioners and patients.

Our Process

How It Works

Our business model is different on purpose; we invest resources in our partners. That’s why we look for people who are willing to put in the necessary steps it takes to see their business grow.

Partnership Opportunity & Fit

Step 1

We operate as an equity share business model and forge strategic partnerships with aspiring and existing clinic owners looking to grow a successful business.

Business Strategy & Clinic Establishment

Step 2

Once we’ve agreed that a partnership is in both of our best interests, we help you thoroughly understand our business model and what it will take to establish your clinic.

Growth Planning & Advanced Training

Step 3

After your clinic is launched, we offer our professional team’s expertise to refine and improve all aspects of your business.

Our Services

How We Help

There are quite a few aspects to running a clinic successfully like managing employees, attracting new patients, setting up technology systems, and lease agreements. When you partner with us, our team of industry experts will help with all aspects of your business.

Insurance Contracting & Negotiation

Venturing into private practice and obtaining credentialing and provider contracts with insurance companies can be complicated, but our team will help you with the entire process.

Financial Planning & Revenue Management

A strategic financial plan with good management can propel your business forward. We manage your billing and payroll, offer accounting management, and help with tax and audit preparation.

Business Operations & Implementation

We'll co-develop your long-term business strategy, clinic layout and space utilization, market and competitive analysis, business reporting and clinic openings.

Human Resources & Legal Consultation

We help you stay on top of federal and state employment regulations, employee benefits, best hiring policies and procedures, and personnel compliance training.

Communication Systems

You’ll be equipped with the systems that work best for a physical therapy business including hardware, software, app licensing, account setup, and security and performance analysis.

Executive Training & Development

We help you become a better business and people manager, as well as a leader in the healthcare industry, and set success measures so you drive growth by always aiming higher.

Marketing & Creative Services

Localized marketing plans and brand development will help you attract new patients and set you apart from your competitors.